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2023 is a BIG milestone around here! Baja turns 25 in June! Please stay tuned and plan to spend many fun days with us in the coming months as we relive some events from our early days, enjoy throw back menus (occasionally with 1998 pricing!), invite back some old friends and beloved faces from the early days and, as always, aim to grow to the best of our ability by making improvements and welcoming new friends to our family—both guests and staff.

Baja is proud to be a safe and inclusive place for all humans who are doing their best to be good and kind. We have strived to make SVA the coolest place in VA (the universe, really). It’s nice to look back after decades of stress and realize, you just have to let people be the forces for good that they want to be and remember that love abides.


Do we cater? You betcha! From 8 people to 800 people, Baja has been busy delivering tacos, burritos, and fajitas for the last few months and it seems each catering gig begets another one which we LOVE! Let us know if you are feeding a group and we will be happy to help if we can!

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